From custom-designed exterior or interior metal screens to balustrades, fittings and fixtures, ALLOY provides custom metal design and manufacturing services for architects and designers seeking creative solutions.

ALLOY works exclusively with high quality metals and alloys, predominantly stainless steel as well as aluminium, titanium, copper, brass and raw steel to produce solutions to match the most complex specification.

ALLOY has collaborated with high profile architectural firms and designers to create superior results. Most recently, Woods Bagot approached ALLOY with a specification for 2500 m2 of unique, punched aluminium screens for the A$200 million College of the North Atlantic in Doha . Each screen ranged from 1800 x 3600mm to 1200mm x 1200mm in size with a specific pattern derived from Arabic text punched into the 6mm marine grade, powder coated aluminium to striking effect.

With a 2200m2 factory that includes fabrication, pressing and machining capabilities backed with state of the art technology, ALLOY is in the position to provide custom design and manufacturing for the smallest private commission to the largest public project.

This entry was posted On Tuesday, January 04, 2005.