Custom Balustrades

ALLOY Architectural Systems include custom design and manufacture services that combine in-house local production with high quality components sourced from around the world. We have the capability and expertise to manufacture world class balustrade systems with clean, contemporary lines from commercial and residential projects, from high rise to boutique projects, both internal and external applications.

Our team is highly experienced and can offer important technical support to assist you with your design and detailing, if required. We can also provide qualified engineering advice on your complete system.  Internal fittings and features include single spine stairs, glass connectors and handrails in all metal combinations. Our range of external Architectural Systems includes screens, canopies, spiders and planars.

Our aim is to deliver a high quality aesthetic while ensuring you have the most cost effective solution for your project, whether manufactured locally at ALLOY or by one of our reputable international partners.

We carry inventory of product lines as well as offering manufacturing, fabrication, finishing and installation. Our dedicated team prides itself on its depth of knowledge, experience and outstanding customer service.

Contact us to discuss your project requirements.

Please note that ALLOY balustrade services are currently only available on projects being developed in Australia.