Introducing alloy interlace

With our extensive background in metal manufacture and screen solutions, ALLOY introduces INTERLACE, a new visually striking, cost effective metal screening product designed to create a modern, industrial aesthetic for contemporary interior and exterior applications. Limited only by your imagination, INTERLACE has a variety of uses such as privacy screens, decorative panels, wall features, room dividers and many more.

INTERLACE  is a woven metal-link mesh made from high quality, long lasting, hardwearing titanium plated stainless steel and is available in a variety of finishes including Ink Black, Titanium Gold (brass effect) and Titanium Amber (copper effect). Each finish brings a different atmospheric design profile for your architectural scheme. ALLOY INTERLACE is lightweight, easy to transport and is completely maintenance free. Available in two standard widths, INTERLACE is easy to install and ensures a quality outcome for your contemporary design needs in no time.

With its durable stainless steel substrate and Titanium plated finish, INTERLACE can be used for a suitable variety of applications, limited only by your imagination. INTERLACE works seamlessly for both interior and exterior settings as privacy screens, decorative panels, wall features or room dividers, offering your project the sophisticated shine that comes with high quality, contemporary metal.
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This entry was posted On Wednesday, February 06, 2019.