Karim alloy in Moscow

On March 20, 2011 Moscow launched itself into the 21st design century with the highly anticipated opening of the new MOD Design Centre.

The centre for innovation and design is one of a handful of design centres in the world and was developed in collaboration with renowned designer (and friend of ALLOY) Karim Rashid. Named to “reflect the here and now, the modern, the contemporary, the innovative”, MOD was also conceived to create a significant venue where ideas and information can be swapped, and products presented, hoping to create a platform of national and international relevance.

To celebrate the opening, MOD’s first exhibition features an extensive retrospective of Karim Rashid’s work. Spanning 15 years of design in the equally diverse areas of furniture, lighting, product design, packaging and interior design, KarimMODWorks 2011 features more than 200 of Karim’s ‘techorganic’ objects including the Karim for ALLOY range of metal tiles, developed in an exciting collaboration with Karim Rashid and ALLOY in 2010.

The Karim for ALLOY Infinit tile in Mirror Polished Stainless Steel was requested by Karim specifically for this event and displayed as an individual hanging artwork. The tile panel created interest and intrigue amongst MOD’s guests on opening night with both children and adults responding with playful positivity to the ‘infinite’ reflectivity and intriguing patterns created by the unique, organic-shaped wall tiles. See it here:

KarimMODWorks 2011 is open until May 31, 2011 at MOD Design Centre, Moscow.

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