Bound to make every design-conscious Sydney-sider drool, Jamie Durie’s Patio has created what is arguably Sydney’s most stylish pool for Sydney in Bloom.

Spectacularly clad from top to bottom in sparkling ALLOY brushed stainless steel mosaic tiles, Patio’s ‘pool-a-deux’ could only be described in design terms as utterly ‘sexy’ with its sculptural lines and ultra-sleek finish.

“We wanted to create the ultimate ‘outdoor room’ and open people’s minds to the amazing functionality of smaller outdoor spaces,” says Jamie. “The outdoor pool-for-two was designed to carefully match the curves of the body and was created with ALLOY stainless steel tiles in mind. We’ve worked with the tiles before and we love their utilitarian, high-tech, high-quality finish. Plus they’re a world class product designed and made in Australia, which, in itself, is unique.”

Jamie Durie and Patio join a growing list of high-profile ALLOY fans around the world. ALLOY tiles can now be found in exclusive hotels, bars, restaurants, boutiques, offices and homes including those of film director Steven Spielberg and entertainer Celine Dion.

ALLOY brushed stainless tiles have also been prominently featured on the up-market kitchen set of US TV show Will and Grace, while the W Hotel chain has made a spectacular panelled water feature from ALLOY stainless mirrored mosaic in the reception of its Chicago Lakeshore hotel.

In a few short years, ALLOY designer, Perth-born Jonathon Worner, has taken his idea for precision-machined stainless steel tiles, from a local to a rapidly growing, global concern.

“We have been simply overwhelmed by the demand for the tiles,” says Jonathon. “Their simplicity and cool functionality have struck a chord with the design-conscious market and it’s very exciting.”

This entry was posted On Tuesday, September 14, 2004.