The Dollar Tile

ALLOY's newest addition to the ALLOY solid metal tile range is the perfectly round ‘Dollar’ tile. Approximately the diameter of a dollar coin, the 28mm ALLOY Dollar tile offers a striking for architects and designers who want to think outside the square tile.

‘Big brother’ to the traditional ALLOY 18mm Penny Tile, the 28mm Dollar tile was originally created for an ALLOY client wanting to create a bolder statement. The size proved to be very popular, so has been added to the permanent ALLOY collection.

“The Dollar Tile was inspired by a client in the design industry who was looking for a tile worthy of her industrial style rubber flooring,” says ALLOY Design Director Jonathon Worner. “She approached us and we developed the Dollar tile in response and manufactured it in Mirror Polished solid stainless steel. The perfect reflection provided an abundance of light and the high impact that she was after.”

At Jonathon’s suggestion, the client decided to leave the tiles un-grouted. It is not the standard install, but it is definitely a sophisticated option for tile installations in non-wet areas creating a more seamless look. It’s often recommended by ALLOY to allow clients to experience the full impact of the high quality metal tiles creating a subtle pattern rather than the graphic look that can be obtained by using a contrasting grout.

The Dollar Tile is available in ALLOY’s 10 high quality, solid metals and finishes including Copper, Stainless Steel(brushed finish, mirror finish, 2b finish), Raw steel, Brass and Titanium. From the industrial undertones of brushed stainless steel to the deep visual opulence of milled brass, ALLOY tiles offers solutions that run the design gamut from subdued minimalism to byzantine splendour.

Explore our new Dollar Tile and order samples.

This entry was posted On Sunday, February 05, 2012.