Solid Metal Sheets

TiGold Mirror Sheets. Bar Celona, Tasmania. Designed by Mark BrownscombeRaw Steel Sheets. ALLOY Sydney ShowroomRaw Steel Sheets. ALLOY Sydney Showroom
For designers seeking individual metal sheets, we supply high quality solid metal sheets in ALLOY’s signature metal finishes up to 3000 x 1500 mm in size and 1.5 - 1.6mm thick (depending on the finish) in any quantity.

  • Finishes include:
  • Stainless Steel - brushed, mirror + matte finishes
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Raw Steel
  • Titanium plated (Gold, Amber, Smoke, mirror and brushed finishes)

Applications include:
  • Wall treatments
  • Signage - to be laser cut, plasma cut or punched depending on design and requirements
  • Splash backs
  • Architectural detailing – including kick plates, columns, door frames.
  • Custom designed products e.g. hanging planter boxes
ALLOY solid metal sheets are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and can be cut and finished to your requirements.
For consideration when selecting your finish:
COPPER, RAW STEEL, BRASS are natural materials so will oxidise and patina beautifully over time and even rust if untreated.
The TITANIUM range is a vacuum plated material on a stainless steel substrate so is generally best used on VERTICAL surfaces as is more susceptible to scratching (not suitable for work surfaces or flooring). Also not suitable for folding or bending as the Ti Range is only treated on one side and may crack when folded or bent.

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