Karim for ALLOY

" I have always been obsessed with patterns. Working with ALLOY has given to me a great opportunity to play with the idea of pattern, grid, and repetition. A pattern is a way of giving richness and depth to our cartesian landscape. The more diversity of line, shape, and composition, the more interesting a single cell is. The undulating, curvilinear forms give a 2-dimensional surface a sense of 3-dimensions. These elements repeat in a predictable manner but they are designed to contradict the square tile. This colection for ALLOY is organic in shape because I believe that the world needs a softening and a more fluid human spirit. "

The Karim for ALLOY collaboration has resulted in the development of eight innovative metal tile ‘cells’ designed to change the ‘face’ of metal tiles. Available in all of ALLOY’s materials and finishes including stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium and raw steel, each design has been carefully developed, tested and manufactured in ALLOY’s Australian factory. Every tile is punched from an individual sheet of solid, 1.6mm high quality metal to deliver a seamless, hardwearing finish designed to last a lifetime.

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  • Flux - Titanium 30x60 Sample

    AUD Special Price $0.00

    Amber Brush $5Amber Brush
    Amber Mirror $5Amber Mirror
    Gold Brush $5Gold Brush
    Gold Mirror $5Gold Mirror
    Smoke Brushed $5Smoke Brushed
    Smoke Mirror $5Smoke Mirror
    For an easy & scratch-proof installation, use the recommended Laticrete Unsanded Grout with ALLOY metal tiles
    • Designed and manufactured in Australia
    • 40+ years of specialist metal manufacturing service and expertise
    • An ALLOY innovation, titanium-plated tiles are exclusive to ALLOY and punched from an individual sheet of 1.6mm solid, high quality titanium-plated stainless steel
    • No backing mesh, plastic inserts or metal look-alike 'metallic' coatings. ALLOY Titanium tiles won't dent, crack or de-laminate
    • Ti Amber tiles offer a low maintenance option to copper as they won't oxidise and develop a patina over time
    • Ti Gold tiles offer a low maintenance option to brass as they won't oxidise and develop a patina over time
    • Ti Gold Mirror tiles provide a substantial gold surface without the expense of gold-plating
    • Ti Smoke provides a sophisticated grey/black sheen that is completely unique
    • ALLOY mosaics are face mounted for better protection of the tile surface
    • We supply a diamond cutting disc (SG-ELASTIC wheel 125 x 1mm) with every order. This allows for very quick, low-burr cutting where necessary
    • To ensure you get the exact finish you're looking for, we suggest ordering a tile sample You can order up to 5 square meters online. For larger orders, or if you have any queries, please contact our sales team info@alloydesign.com.au