Dollar 28OD

$389.90 AUD / Box of 10 sheets
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Each sample only $8.80
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • 40+ years of specialist metal manufacturing service and expertise
  • Punched from an individual sheet of 1.6mm solid, high quality raw steel
  • No backing mesh, plastic inserts or metal look-alike 'metallic' coatings. ALLOY raw steel tiles won't dent, crack or de-laminate
  • Face mounted for better protection of the tile surface
  • We supply a diamond cutting disc (SG-ELASTIC wheel 125 x 1mm) with every order. This allows for very quick, low-burr where necessary
  • Designers seeking the unique orange brown patina of Corten can specify its use in the raw steel mosaic tile. Contact us to discuss your project
  • To ensure you get the exact finish you're looking for, we suggest ordering a tile sample. You can order up to 5 square meters of your selected tile online. For larger orders, or if you have any queries, please contact our sales team