Highgate - 152 x 38

$242.00 AUD / Box of 100 tiles
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Each sample only $8.80
  • The authentic ALLOY solid metal mosaic tile, developed in
    1998 for interior and exterior applications.
  • Immaculately designed and manufactured from solid, high quality
    metal to create an unsurpassed metal tile finish to last a lifetime.
    Will not dent, crack or de-laminate.
  • Face mounted for ease of installation, to protect the metal tile face
    and keep tiles in formation. The ALLOY developed system includes
    2 layers of protective adhesive tape and film on the tile face. No
    backing mesh is used. See the ALLOY Installation Guide for details.
  • Designed and made in Australia for consistent high quality.
  • Finishing pieces available to ensure the perfect installation where a
    full tile will not fit. ALLOY tiles are made from solid metal and have a
    specially chamfered edge, therefore tiles should not be cut on site.
  • Grout – not required unless installed in a wet area. It is essential
    that an un-sanded, non-grit grout is used, we recommend Laticrete
    600/1600 series.
  • Adhesive - we recommend ALLOY One Pack Mastic (AOPM),
    available in black or white, specifically developed for ALLOY Tiles.
  • Tile samples and AOPM can be ordered through alloydesign.com.au
  • As a specialised metal tile, we recommend ALLOY tiles are installed
    by a highly experienced, professional tiler.